Rock Foundation Cambodia

Water Well Drilling / Water Sanitation Projects

In February 2013, Rock Foundation Executive Director, Brett Medlin, completed a water well drilling training course and an additional water well pump repair course provided by American based NGO Living Water International. Brett received a certificate of completion from both courses and will look to add this to the list of practical services that Rock Foundation can offer to extremely poor families in Cambodia.

In February 2014, Brett followed up his training courses with hands on experience. He traveled from Cambodia to Kenya, Africa, where he trained for 3 weeks and drilled 2 wells for schools with Living Water International in Kenya, Africa. 

In January 2016, our drilling project really started gaining momentum, and we can now provide up to 2 wells per week. We are more limited by funding, than our ability to drill successful water wells.

As of November 2016, we have successfully drilled 36 water wells out of 47 attempts.


 Above: A new water well at a school near the Vietnam Border. 

 Above: A new water well in a rural vilage in Pursat Province. 

 ABOVE: May 14th, 2016, an extremely poor family receives a new water well from the RFC team!

 ABOVE: The RFC Drilling team drilling a borehole in Pursat Province, Cambodia.

ABOVE: These families are very happy and appreciative to have a clean water source. They live in a jungle village in Pursat Province, Cambodia and all but one of their hand dug wells had dried up before we drilled this well. They now enjoy clean water without worrying where it will come from.  

ABOVE: Another successful well for these families in Pursat Province, Cambodia


  Above Left: ROCK delivered water filters (one filter per family) to the Takhmao Relocation Village. Above Right: Family of 6 in the village with a brand new water filter.

So far more than 75 water filters have been donated to provide safe drinking water for extremely poor families.

In April 2016, we commissioned our 22nd water well attempt, with over 12 successful wells.

Borei Keila Relocation Village

 Please see this article in the Phnom Penh Post about Rock Foundation's work with this relocation village:

The 136 families in the relocation village were evicted from Borei Keila in Phnom Penh city center and sent to the relocation village 25 miles north of Phnom Penh. The place these families were relocated was unfit for them to live as there was no infrastructure to support them. Many things were lacking such as land, homes, toilets, a local market, jobs, job skills training,and even a school was needed.

BELOW: Photos of how the families were living prior to Rock Foundation's intervention.

The United Nations monitored the forced eviction and also the situation in the relocation village. They observed the new homes and other assistance that were being provided by Rock Foundation, and contacted RFC in November 2012 to discuss a collaboration to provide toilets for 110 families at the Relocation Village. RFC provided the UN with a materials list and budget that was approved through a procurement process. Materials were delivered to RFC and we oversaw the construction, supervised the workers, and provided their salaries. 

Rock Foundation and The United Nations collaborated to build 110 toilets at the relocation village. Special Thanks to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights for working with RFC on this project.

As of April 2014, we have built 80 homes and 110 toilets just in the Phnom Bat Relocation Village for the families evicted from Borei Keila. 


In 2013, We purchased 1 acre of land attached to the village and provided plots of land for 30 families that were violently evicted from their homes in Phnom Penh and received no compensation or plot of land. We built a sewing training center, computer training center, elementary school, and vegetable garden on the property.

To see some of the homes we have built, check out this link:

BELOW LEFT: (BEFORE) These families lived in these plastic tarp shacks for 10 months before we built homes. BELOW RIGHT: (AFTER) 30 homes built for these evicted families on land purchased by RFC.


BELOW LEFT: RFC Executive Director, Brett, making the $12,000USD payment for land used to provide land, homes, and toilets to 30 families, as well as land that we are used to build our community center for the sewing project, computer training,village school, and vegetable garden.

BELOW RIGHT: Rock Foundation provided plots of land, homes, and toilets to 30 families that were evicted from Borei Keila without compensation.


BELOW: RFC Community Center that holds our sewing project, computer training center, staff housing, and our elementary school.                                                                                        

BELOW: Women from the village learning how to sew in the RFC sewing room.

Takhmao Relocation Village

 In August 2011, we began assisting 24 families of extremely poor squatter families in Takhmao, Kandal Province.  These families were forced off their own land at gunpoint 6 years ago. They were given $200 per family and threatened with being killed if they didn't leave.  For the past 7 years, they have been living on top of a drainage ditch. Some of their homes flood more than 2 meters (6ft) deep each raining season.

Rock Foundation has built 27 new homes on stilts in this village and we are pleased to announce that 2012 was the first year in 8 years that none of these families were forced to leave their homes due to the flooding!

Below Left:  A house for family of 7 that is very near collapsing.Below Right: Rock Foundation has torn down the leaning house and built a brand new house for this family of 6. A single mother and 5 children.


Below Left: A woman salvages things from her flooded house. Below Right: Mom and 3 school children going home.


Below Left: Our team needed a boat to get to this grandmother's house. Below Right: Grandmother's house replaced with a brand new house on stilts that is above the water line.)


Below: House before and after. This photo shows the quality of life and health improvements that Rock Foundation has provided to this village by providing 27 new flood-free homes.

Fish Farming - Updates Coming Soon!


New Home Construction For Evicted Families

ROCK Foundation Cambodia builds homes for extremely poor families, nearly 100% of them are forcibly evicted families. We do this at zero cost to the family. We have now completed more than 130 new homes.

These are examples of new homes that were provided to forcibly evicted families:



Rock Quarry Squatter Village

ROCK Foundation started visiting the extremely poor squatters 30km outside of Phnom Penh in Feb. 2011. We have cooked hundreds of meals for the families each week, provided medical care, clothes, shoes, rice, and we have built 13 new houses here.

These families break rocks on the mountainside with small hammers for only a few dollars per truck full. They have no land, no electricity, and no running water.Thanks to Rock Foundation they have proper housing and each family has sustainable clean drinking water.



ABOVE LEFT: Through teams and supporters, we were able to provide 550 KG (1210lbs) of rice to extremely poor families!  ABOVE RIGHT: 100KG of rice donated by the team of students from Logos International School in Phnom Penh.The students came out with us for two days and repaired some houses and donated rice and fish to the families there.

Medical Care

Rock Foundation does many things to help those who need medical care or emergency treatment. We have provided funds and arranged surgery for several villagers that otherwise would not have received medical treatment or surgery because they are poor and can not pay the doctors.

 BELOW LEFT: Mouen fell more than 50 ft. out of a palm tree while collecting the leaves the rebuild the roof of his house. He was rebuilding the roof because his wife was due to give birth one week later and the rainy season is coming. The fall nearly killed him, but he survived with a broken back and is paralyzed from the waist down.  He was left at a hospital laying flat on his back for 4 days without a Dr. looking at him because he can't afford surgery. BELOW RIGHT: Mouen after surgery with metal plates inserted to reconnect his backbone and a second surgery on his bedsores. He is still paralyzed from the waist down, but should recover enough to sit in a wheel chair and hold his child one day.


BELOW LEFT:  One of the young men from the rock quarry, Vannak, was in a serious motorcycle accident on Friday May 11th, and suffered severe head injuries. He was in a coma for 2 days but is now awake but disoriented. The brain scan showed a lot of blood in the ventricles of his brain and also he has no feeling below the waist and and can't move his legs. On Monday May 14, We had him transported by ambulance from a hospital where he rec'd very little (and poor) treatment to a good hospital where he can be cared for. Because today is a holiday here, we had to take him to 4 different hospitals before they would accept him, after the fact that the 2 hospitals that rejected him told Brett over the phone that he would be accepted. His hospital bills equal up to about $300 at this point, which Rock Foundation has paid for him to finally be treated. All the Doctors have told his family to take him home and prepare his funeral as there is no hope for him. BELOW RIGHT: On July 5th, we visited Vannak and he is now recovering and able to walk short distances with the help of a walker. He can sit up and talk normally and his memory is slowly coming back to him as well. It is absolutely a miracle that he survived his injuries and his health has improved so much.


BELOW RIGHT: 2 year old Srey Kao after surgery on her stage 2 hernia.When Srey Kao was 6 months old, Doctors told the mom not to let this young girl laugh or cry and it would heal own it's on. Over 1 year later and not healed, it was a very serious situation and could have been fatal without surgery. Rock Foundation paid for her surgery at National Pediatrics Hospital in Phnom Penh.        

 BELOW LEFT: Motorcycle accident victim from Trash Collector's Village laying on the floor of his hut.. BELOW RIGHT: His wounds are healed after Rock Foundation took him to the clinic for 4 days of treatment.                                   


Mango Farm

Rock Foundation purchased 12.5 acres of land in 2012 and we have been developing it into mango farm.  We have more than 600 healthy mango trees planted on our farm. The mango farm is currently being utilized to provide jobs for local villagers and resources for extremely poor families. Most of the trees are between 1-2 meters tall.

Below Left: New Home, toilet, and kitchen at the mango farm. Below Right: Our Hand dug 6 meter (20ft) well.



ABOVE Left: Bringing new mango trees to plant on our farm. ABOVE Right: View of new house from our land.



 ABOVE: Our mango trees as of March 2016. They are starting to grow and we expect them to start having some fruit next mango season.

Solar Lighting Systems

Rock Foundation partners with Clean Compassion to provide and to distribute solar lighting unit systems to rural villages without access to electricity. We also work with several other NGO's within Cambodia to distribute the solar units to many areas of the country.

As of January 2015, RFC has distributed and/or donated over 700 solar lighting systems in Cambodia.

 BELOW: Solar lighting system used to light up a rural jungle church.